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Real Estate

Sale / Purchase of Home

Real Estate transactions involve complex contracts that could affect your immediate and future rights.

If you are a buyer then we can help you review and negotiate more favortable terms to ensure your rights are protected in real estate transactions. If you are a seller we take the necessary steps to ensure your rights are protected now and in the future.In addition to attending the settlement, we review all agreement of sale and legal documents as well as taking the necessary action to make sure that teh closing is a smooth one for all parties. Our firm assists in representing individuals, families and businesses, landords and tenants in a broad range of real estate transactions and disputes.

Our Services also include analysis of title reports and resolving title issues. We attend all real estate settlements to make sure the closing proceeds smoothly.

 Our office had handled well over 100 successful settlements in our 30 years of practice. Contact us today!

Landlord / Tenant

Our office can assist in representing individuals, families, and businesses in landlord/tenant matters. Along with drafting and reviewing landlord tenant leases, we provide legal representation when disputes arise between landlor and tenant.

If you require assitance in these matters, please contact us today.